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You can volunteer for the Friends, or for the Library. We are different organizations, and have different requirements. 

(SDPL Volunteer Page or call 619-527-3485.)

The Skyline Hills Friends request you become a member before you volunteer. 

Friends Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Board service

  • Bookstore: book sorting, shelving, deliveries, pickups, cleaning, staffing bookstore

  • Event host: Introduce events, promote Friends, collect donations 

  • Food service: during special events, make & serve beverages & snacks; cleanup.

  • Fundraising: asking local businesses for memberships, donations, etc. 

  • Social media posting: Facebook, NextDoor, website, event calendars, etc. 

  • Graphics: create event flyers

Volunteer application
  • Marketing: distribute flyers to local businesses

  • Advocacy: Write letters to media, politicians regarding important library issues.

  • Attend Corporate Meeting: represent the Skyline Hills Library Friends at the monthly all-chapter meeting

  • Attend community meetings: represent the Skyline Hills Library Friends at local planning and neighborhood council meetings. Distribute flyers, discuss upcoming events.  

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